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Your infrastructure,

Bring your framework of choice and deploy with zero configuration to Vercel’s Edge, an intelligently automated, global infrastructure.

Edge, optimized

Our Edge Network is able to intelligently route traffic and run logic as close to your users as possible.

Dynamically scalable

Our static and serverless infrastructure is designed to scale to infinity and back down to zero.

Secure by default

Requests are handled in isolation, and content is replicated globally, ensuring stability by design.

Just code

Static assets. API hosting. Serverless and Edge Functions. With a global network defined entirely by your code, you can focus on just that—the craft of coding.

Just code
Just code

Zero configuration. Seamless deployments.

Vercel provides everything you need to host your frontend.

Infinite scalability

Every layer of our infrastructure scales up and down dynamically from our ingress layer to our storage and caching systems and functions.

Intelligent edge caching

Our Edge preserves copies of critical metadata to avoid and tolerate outages and maximize autonomy. Framework integrations ensure optimal caching and purging.

Observability as priority

Realtime logs of every touchpoint, one-click integrations with leading platforms, and built-in performance analytics mean you never have to forego introspection.

Atomic deploys

Every Vercel deploy is immutable, and domains act as pointers. Reverting and deploying is an atomic swap operation.

Immutable asset preservation

Our Edge intelligently preserves multiple concurrent versions of an app, including all their JS, CSS, and other assets, to not interrupt existing traffic as you ship.

Always fast and online

Deploying and reverting ensures the successful provisioning and acquisition of resources and metadata, to ensure user traffic never slows down or sees errors.

Automatic failover

Our Anycast Edge Network automatically detects unhealthy regions and re-routes traffic to stable regions.

Multi-AZ code execution

Serverless functions get automatically distributed across all availability zones of a datacenter. If one becomes unavailable, no traffic is dropped.

Image Optimization

Optimize images at the Edge and improve your website's loading speed, user experience, and Core Web Vitals. Learn more about Image Optimization →

Incremental Static Regeneration

Break free from your build times

Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR) puts you in control of your static builds by leveraging the power of server-side code to generate pages at runtime.

Faster build times

Generate pages on-demand instead of waiting for the entire site at build time.

Granular cache control

ISR puts developers in control of their content. Decide how much to build and when to revalidate.

Instant rollbacks

Pages are persisted between deployments so you never lose a version.

Incremental Static RegenerationIncremental Static Regeneration
Incremental Static RegenerationIncremental Static Regeneration